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241 pre-competitive projects have been launched through the ‘Factories of the Future’ partnership to date. Over 1,900 organisations from across Europe have participated to date. Under FP7, 151 Projects were launched in response to call topics based upon the ‘Factories of the Future’ Strategic Research Roadmap.

From 2014, ‘Factories of the Future’ projects have been launched under Horizon 2020 (the EU’s research programme from 2014 to 2020). These projects address the following research and innovation priorities as identified within the ‘Factories of the Future 2020’ roadmap:

  • Advanced Manufacturing Processes
  • Adaptive and Smart Manufacturing Systems
  • Digital, Virtual and Resource-Efficient Factories
  • Collaborative and Mobile Enterprises
  • Human-Centred Manufacturing
  • Customer-Focused Manufacturing
  • Innovation Portal

Information on all of the ‘Factories of the Future’ projects is available in the EFFRA Innovation Portal. Within the portal, each project profile provides a summary of the project and information on its consortium.

The EFFRA Innovation Portal stimulates clustering, maps projects on the ‘Factories of the Future 2020’ roadmap and allows for project monitoring and impact measurement. EFFRA members have access to enhanced features within the portal.

More information about the Innovation Portal, can be found here.

Innovation Portal: Public Access (Free)

EFFRA Members: Access Innovation Portal via Members’ Area of this Website