Made in Europe

Consultation Made in Europe WP 25-27 – Expert/stakeholder perspective

This page concerns the consultation on the Work Programme 25-27 of the Horizon Europe Programme with respect to manufacturing research & innovation, in particular with regard to the Made in Europe Partnership.

More background to this consultation, including the presentations and recordings of the two associated webinars, can be found here.

Please note that there is also a consultation where feedback is requested from the perspective of past or ongoing projects (see here).

Via this consultation, you are invited as an expert/stakeholder to comment and rate (in terms of importance) the suggested priorities for the WP 25-27 that are described in this document.

Your prioritisation and comments would address observations such as:

  • Which priorities are key for the work programme 25-27?    You can express the importance of the priorities by rating them from 0 to 100 in steps of 10.
  • Please add comments to explain why a priority matters in order to generate impact on the competitiveness and sustainability of Manufacturing in Europe.
  • If the R&I Objectives were only partially addressed in the past, please describe which aspects should be addressed more specifically in the next work programme.

Please also note that:

  • For this consultation, your answer to the consultation is publicly available via your profile page on the EFFRA Innovation portal.  You are warmly invited to make sure that your user profile appears on the ‘People’ search page.  When selecting the filter of the consultation (or on the specific priorities), one can see other contributions to the consultation from the users that have set their privacy settings accordingly.

You can find the guidance for adjusting your user profile privacy settings here.

  • You can edit and refine your input at any time.  You just need to save the comments when you edit your response.   There is no ‘final submission button’.

Access to the consultation:

First, please make sure that you are logged in on the EFFRA Innovation Portal (https://portal.effra.eu).

If you don’t have an account yet on the EFFRA Innovation Portal, then please contact portal@effra.eu to request a registration link.

One logged in, please go to your profile page (which is actually this link – you will get a ‘page not found’ when you are not logged in).

You will see the reference ‘Consultation MiE 25-27 Priorities‘  on your profile page (as displayed in the picture below).

Clicking the pencil next to the reference ‘Consultation MiE 25-27 Priorities’ brings you to the form where you can edit your feedback (as shown in the picture below)

You can edit and refine your input at any time.  You just need to save the comments when you edit your response.   There is no ‘final submission button’.

The deadline of this consultations is 7 September 2023.
In case you have questions about this consultation, then please contact: Chris Decubber.