Made in Europe

Consultation Made in Europe WP 25-27 – Projects’ perspective

More background to this consultation, including the presentations and recordings of the two associated webinars, can be found here.

This page concerns the track that focusses on obtaining information from the project’s perspective.

The guidance regarding the consultation from the expert/stakeholder perspective can be found here.

The suggested priorities for the WP 25-27 that are described in this document have been included in a taxonomy list on the EFFRA Innovation Portal.

Project representatives are requested to provide the following feedback:

  • indicate the priorities to which your project has contributed most.   Please only indicate the items that are really relevant (You can use the rating bar to indicate differences in the relevance)
  • please add a comment that explains briefly:
    • what the project has contributed essentially
    • which future developments are in particular necessary, drawing from the (expected) outcome of your project

Please note that the information that is provided by the projects is made publicly available via the respective project pages on the EFFRA Innovation Portal. Also, you can add and edit feedback in several steps, the list and editing permissions will stay available.

If you wish to include and promote other projects (also national and regional projects) on the EFFRA Innovation Portal, then please let us know.

Please see the screenshot of a project page here below  – the edit buttons are only available to these users that have editing permissions on the project.

Please see this page for more guidance about obtaining editing permissions on a project. We consider that the project coordinators are the main source of feedback from the perspective of a project, while a response to the consultation from the ‘individual expert’ perspective can be provided as described here.

When logged in, you can find the projects by using the acronym filter on the projects page or you can find the project under the menu ‘Projects – Your Projects’.

For general guidance about the EFFRA Innovation Portal, please see these pages and tutorials: https://www.effra.eu/describe-and-promote-outcome-your-project-effra-innovation-portal/ .

The deadline of this consultations is 7 September 2023.

In case you have questions about this consultation, then please contact: Chris Decubber . This includes also cases where you are leading a relevant project outside the Factories of the Future or Made in Europe Partnership and you wish to contribute to the consultation from the perspective of that project.