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Promote your projects, results and demonstrators on the EFFRA Innovation Portal

The following guidance describes how you can promote and share information about your projects and associated results and demonstrators on the EFFRA Innovation Portal


Please note that on this page you can find video tutorials that cover different aspects of the use of the EFFRA Innovation Portal.   Some of the videos are also refered to within the descriptions below.


The emphasis is on describing the impact of the developed approaches and technologies and on showing the way forward to the implementation in manufacturing industry.


Describing and sharing the outcome of Factories of the Future projects is also essential for collecting input for the compilation of the yearly and mandatory FoF PPP progress monitoring reports


 These two points are also covered by these video's:  Create the demonstrators associated to your project  &  Some basics about describing projects and results.



 This point is also explained in this video.





How to be assiociated to a project and how to see who else is associated to a project (and receive or grant permissions to edit your project and project results) - visibility as contact person


You can register on the EFFRA Innovation Portal  by requesting an invitation to the EFFRA office (send a message to portal @  You will receive a link that provides you access to the registration page.  After registering (and associating yourself to an organisation), you can ask the project coordinator (or the EFFRA office) to add your personal account to the project  (with or without editing permission - see the screenshots below). (More than one account from the same organisation can be associated to the project)


Important: When you have editing permissions on a project, you can also see who else is associated to the project. You can see this by clicking the 'Edit pencil' in the 'Contact section on the project page:




By clicking on the ''Editing pencil', you will see a page like this:



The visibility in the contact section of the public project page, can be set with the checkbox, however, the overall privacy settings (set under 'Profile') should also allow this visibility.


As indicated in the screenshot below, you should also set your overall privacy settings on the portal, allowing for this visibility (these settings are included for GDPR compliance).  You can check the checkbox on your personal privacy settings page:  (please make sure you are logged in when accessing this page).



Once associated to a project, the coordinator or anybody else with editing rights for that project can provide other project participants with editing rights.   When a user is associated to a project, this user can view all information of the project, also the not yet published results or demonstrators.



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Share the latest information about the (expected) project impact and its results and demonstrators.


Completing the description of your project and its project results on the EFFRA Innovation Portal includes the following steps:

  • Describe the general features and overall status of your project
    • Update the project summary whenever appropriate.
    • Make sure that the project web site is indicated. You can also include links to web resources in the text fields.
    • Make sure that the project logo is uploaded (please indicate this picture as the 'main' picture). Uploading a picture for illustrative purposes is also recommended.
  • Describe (expected) results (in particular technologies and innovative approaches) and demonstrators of the projects
    • Please create one (and only one) ‘demonstrator’ items for each demonstrator/pilot that the project will generate.  Please see this video with guidance:  Create the demonstrators associated to your project 
    • You can progressively edit and add descriptions of project results and project demonstrators.  Please see this video with guidance: Some basics about describing projects and results.
    • If this is relevant, you can associate specific contact persons to the project results and demonstrators. These contact persons need to be registered in the portal (see below).
    • Uploading a picture for illustrative purposes is also recommended.

Herewith a screenshot from SHAREWORK project (with the section 'Results, demos,...' unfolded):




  • More towards the conclusion of the project, please describe
    • the significant innovations, exploitable results and lessons learned, significance for SMEs... 



When clicking the 'Add/edit' button for 'Significant innovations, exploitable results and lessons learned', you can check the relevant items, but also please describe these aspects in the comments field.  



The form 'Manufacturing Performance Characteristics' looks like this.  




You can position your projects, the results and demonstrators on Technologies and enablers and other cross-cutting factors






You can also position your projects, the results and demonstrators on pathways to digitalisation of manufacturing.  More information here.

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Please note that, using the publicly available data files from cordis, imports of informaton about public deliverables are carried out on at least 6 monthly intervals.   


 See also this video.


This means that project representatives should not upload information on the Innovation Portal that is already available via Cordis.    However, by highlighting some specific characteristics about the results and demonstrators (whenever appropriate using the structured lists) the quality of the information and its ‘searchability’ on the Innovatio Portal will be increased.   Also information that projects wish to share but that is not reflected by public deliverables can be uploaded, including links to web resources where more information can be obtained.   It is up to the projects to decide which results/demonstrators would be published or ‘unpublished’ on the Innovation Portal.


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The search functionality and the role of structured lists.


 See video.


The portal is equipped with a quite powerful search engine, which supports the free text search.    See for instance this search action on Human and robots in manufacturing (and the associated screenshot below).




The quality of the search and the returned information is dependent on the quality of the short descriptions of the projects and the associated results and demonstrators.  The quality can also be significantly raised by providing specific information via the structured lists (also accessible via the structured wiki).


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Public Information


All information that is included on the Innovation Portal should be considered as public information. This is comparable to the information that is made available to the European Commission through public reports or deliverables.




For any question about the Innovation Portal, you can contact


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