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Webinars and Open Consultation MiE Work Programme 2025-27

Webinars and Open Consultation MiE Work Programme 2025-27



The Made in Europe partnership is now operating in full swing. Two waves of projects have been launched and the project proposals associated with the third call are being evaluated. The development of calls for proposals is now halfway through, with four calls published and three calls remaining.

With this in mind, EFFRA has organised two online stakeholder events in May to discuss the state of play of the Made in Europe Partnership and present possible focus areas for the next Work Programme 2025-27. These webinars marked the opening of a consultation, generating an inclusive knowledge sharing approach with stakeholders and innovation actors.

The first webinar from 16th of May, covered Human-Centricity and the Services Dimension in Manufacturing, while the second webinar from 23rd of May, focused on Excellence and Environmental Sustainability.

The consultation is composed of two tracks

  • One track aims at collecting the opinion of individual experts who respond on behalf of their organisation (or on behalf of a part of their organisation).  You can find more information about this expert/stakeholder consultation here.
  • The other track collects information from the perspective of finished or ongoing European Projects, in particular  Factories of the Future and Made in Europe projects, but not excluding other relevant projects. You can find more information about this project consultation here.

In order to support you in formulating your feedback to the consultation, we advise you to consult the supporting document “Proposed priorities for the Made in Europe Partnership Work Programme 25-27″.

The presentations and recordings of both webinars are available via the links below:

  • 16/05/2023: Human-Centricity and the Services Dimension in Manufacturing – Presentation from EFFRA, presentation from DG RTD,  recordings
  • 23/05/2023: Excellence and Environmental Sustainability in Manufacturing – Presentation from EFFRA, presentation from DG RTD (same file as for 16 May webinar), presentation from DG CONNECTrecordings