European Zero-Defect Manufacturing (ZDM) Landscape: State of Play

It is a Digital tech talk, under the premise of setting the right direction to achieving manufacturing excellence in Zero Defects solutions, this event aims to make a short update on the European Commission (EC) funded Zero Defect Manufacturing (ZDM) project landscape, as fundamental action to drive DFA´s Zero-X Manufacturing Initiative.

The event will be held online on the 8th of July from 9:00 to 11:30. It is organized by 4ZDM Cluster and ZDM Manufuture sub-platform. It will be focused on revising the last developments and European initiatives in ZDM. Therefore, the main goals of the event can be summed up as it follows:

  • To offer an industrial perspective of the current progress at EC-funded ZDM projects.
  • Quick update of last ZDM projects with new enablers for the digital transformation (digital platforms, AI, data analytics, blockchain).
  • Progress on the definition of the vision/paradigm/architecture for the ZDM scenario, with minimal scraps/waste, and matching with the digital/green transitions – Advancing on the “right at the first time and always right” goal.
  • Quick contrast of ZDM visions & opportunities with EC, EFFRA and Manufuture, in between two European R&I Framework Programmes (H2020 and Horizon Europe).

Please find more information, the agenda and the registration here