26 September: ConnectedFactories Scenario Building Workshop

On 26 September, the ConnectedFactories project will host a second scenario building workshop in Cernobbio, Italy. The workshop will be organised the day before the World Manufacturing Forum (27-28 September).

The ConnectedFactories project explores pathways to the digital integration and interoperability of manufacturing systems and processes and the benefits this will bring. Hence, ConnectedFactories will enhance the awareness among companies of the use of digital technologies in the manufacturing industry and provide them with knowledge to make informed decisions regarding technology and business model choices to reinforce the European manufacturing industries’ position in the international scene.

Three pathways with a particular scope are being developed: 

  • Hyperconnected Factories
  • Autonomous Smart Factories
  • Collaborative Product-Service Factories

Across these pathways, it is important to look at the SME perspective or the perspective of companies where digitalisation is still in the very early stages. This perspective is referred to as the ‘Small-Scale Digitised Factories’ perspective or pathway.

Further information on the development of the pathways can be found here: http://www.connectedfactories.eu/scenarios-personas-pathways

The ConnectedFactories scenario building workshop on 26 September will provide an insight in the development of the pathways and use cases that illustrate the current state of digitalisation along the pathways. The workshop aims to evaluate and validate the pathways and identify use cases and possible innovation strategies to support the digitalisation of the industry.


For further information please contact chris.decubber@effra.eu.