18 & 19 October: Technology Transfer in Nanotechnology

Technology Transfer in Nanotechnology is a joint workshop of the JRC and Ital’s National Research Council (CNR) which will take place on 18 and 19 October (Lecce, Italy).

The aim of the workshop is to explore how technology transfer activities can be used as a mechanism to help EU industry, particularly Start-ups and SMEs, and government in deploying and adopting nano-technology. Practical examples will be presented to illustrate the potential of technology transfer in this area.

Participants will include technology providers, industry executives, technology transfer officers, policy makers and financial intermediaries who will share experiences and lessons learned. One of the key objectives is to discuss policy implications at all levels that could help accelerating the adoption of nanotechnology by the European manufacturing industry.

This workshop is organised in the framework of the TTO-CIRCLE initiatives.

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