Made in Europe

Consultation Made in Europe 2023-2024

This page concerns the consultation on the work programme of Horizon Europe 2023-2024 with respect to manufacturing research & innovation, in particular with regard to the Made in Europe Partnership. More background to the Made In Europe Partnership can be found here.

The most recent cut-off date was on 29 September, however, the consultation is still open for additional contributions. ‘Based on the experts’ feedback that we have received so far, we have summarised in the document below potential recommendations or discussion topics for the work programme 2023-2024 that could help you in letting us know your view.

Preliminary recommendations – Work programme 2023-2024

Similar to the consultation that took place in the summer of 2020, you can prioritise and comment the four Specific Objectives and the associated Research & Innovation objectives that are included in the Made in Europe SRIA.

However, you are now requested to prioritise and comment the Specific and the Research & Innovation Objectives considering the call topics that have been published by the European Commission.

Your prioritisation and comments would address observations such as:

  • Which Specific Objectives and Research & Innovation Objectives were not sufficiently addressed and deserve to be included in the work programme 2023-2024?
  • If the R&I Objectives were only partially addressed, please indicate which aspects should be addressed more specifically in the next work programme.

Of course, you can include other suggestions or comments under the Specific and Research & Innovation objectives.

Any new developments/insights which happened in the past 12 months (due to the pandemic situation for example) can also be considered in your feedback.

Please also note that:

  • if you have more general comments or suggestions, you can also send these by e-mail to info@effra.eu.
  • we intend to make the obtained comments publicly available in an anonymised format after the consultation.
  • you can edit and refine your input at any time.  You just need to save the forms and you can edit your input progressively.
  • if you have contributed to the MiE Consultation of last year, you will see your input also on your profile page (see the picture further below).

Access to the consultation:

You will see the Made in Europe list on your profile page as displayed in the picture below.

In order to access that page, please make sure that you are logged in on the EFFRA Innovation Portal (https://portal.effra.eu).  Then please click this link.

If you don’t have an account yet on the EFFRA Innovation Portal, then please contact portal@effra.eu to request a registration link.

Clicking ‘Add/edit’ brings you to the form where you can edit your feedback.

In case you have questions about this consultation, then please contact info@effra.eu.

For any general issues or in case you wish to obtain the support of the EFFRA communication channels for dissemination information about your projects or ongoing activities, then please contact info@effra.eu.