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Calls for Proposals

Open Calls for Project Proposals


Beside the Made in Europe calls, there are many  more funding and cooperation opportunities interesting for manufacturing research stakeholders. In particular, there is a variety of sub-calls (providing some cascade funding to research entities and/or companies, especially SMEs) and other calls of interest that are still possible to apply to:


Widening Participating and Spreading Excellence calls:

  • Hop-on Facility: 28/09/2023 at 17h00 (CEST)
    • Allows for legal entities from low R&I performing countries to join already sedlected collaborative R&I actions
    • Multiple cut-off
    • Total budget of EUR 40,000,000 for 2023 and another EUR 40,000,000 for 2024 

TransS4MErs calls


Horizon Europe Framework Programme

  • Twinning Programme (28/09/2023)
    • EUR 140,000,000
    • Twinning botton-up
      • Enhancing networking activities between the research institutions of the widening countries
    • Twinning green deal
      • focus on a defined area of research/innovation directly linked to at least one of the actions listed in the European Green Deal strate
  • Pathways to Synergies (28/09/2023)
    • EUR 20,000,000
    • incentivise the concrete realisation of promising sequential synergies in two different pathways either supporting the upstream or downstream synergy mode