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University of Coimbra

The University of Coimbra (UC) is a public law institution created in 1290, which includes ten organic units of teaching and research (8 faculties: Letters, Law, Medicine, Science and Technology, Pharmacy, Economics, Psychology and Education Sciences, Sports Sciences and Physical Education and also the Institute of Interdisciplinary Research and the College of Arts) and two research units (European Judicial University Court and Institute of Nuclear Sciences Applied to Health), as well as a set of units of cultural extension and training support. The main activities of the University are teaching, research and knowledge transfer. UC has 45 undergraduate degrees, 143 master's degrees, and 75 doctoral degrees in operation. Internationalization is a major concern, both through teaching and R&D activities. The UC offers advanced training programs in different areas related to technology, especially those related to the MIT Portugal and UT Austin Programs and to the Associate Laboratories. The UC promotes knowledge transfer activities through UC.Business, responsible for managing industrial property and exploring opportunities for collaboration with external entities. It implements its innovation policy in the region through INOV C - Innovation Ecosystem - with higher education entities, business incubators, science and technology parks, and more than 500 regional partners, contributing to the creation of spin-offs such as Luzitin, LaserLeap, InEye, TreatU, Active Aerogels, among many others.