Center of Maritime Technologies

Center of Maritime Technologies

The Center of Maritime Technologies (CMT) is a membership-based, non-profit organisation that acts as coordinator of the networks for research, development and innovation of the German maritime industry and science.

The association’s goal is to strengthen research, development and innovation in the maritime industry by promoting cooperation between the various players in the industry and the academic world, and within the European Research Area. CMT is administering the German Joint Industry Research scheme, dedicated to SMEs. In addition, the association is very active at European level through its involvement in the research coordination group of the European Ship and Ship Equipment manufacturers (SEA RDI), the European Council for Maritime Applied R&D (ECMAR) and the WATERBORNE technology platform.

CMT is also a recognised research centre with strong expertise in production technologies (joining, quality assurance and process modelling), production simulation and planning, production automation, logistics as well as new materials, and life-cycle performance. The centre has participated in more than 40 funded and privately financed research and development projects (including at European level) since its foundation in 2002.