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Life-Cycle Management & Business Models in a Product-Service Economy

Room: Minne

16:30 – 18:00

From customer-centred manufacturing to resource-efficiency, product-life cycle management lies behind many leading manufacturing issues and is driving change within the factory. In addition advances in manufacturing technologies, rapid communications and an increasing role of services in manufacturing demand new business models. This session will examine the latest developments and trends in product life-cycle management and it will consider the central and future roles of business models in a product-service economy.

Dimitris Kiritsis

Hadrien Szigeti

Luis Usatorre

Martin Kasperczyk
Fraunhofer IPA

Speaker information:

  • Hadrien Szigeti (Dassault) will present the MANUTELLIGENCE project. In the product-service economy – what is also called the Experience Economy – the power of consumers has reached an unprecedented level. To stay ahead industrial companies must introduce new products faster, manage complex product mix, produce locally while they optimize globally, and continuously improve production processes. To reach such goals next generation PLM systems are developped that let entire company ecosystem – from suppliers to customers — collaborate virtually on virtual twins of a product or virtual twins of a production system. Manutelligence project develops 4 use cases that exemplify this new approach in the domain of sport cars, cruise ships, city and additive manufacturing.
  • Luis Usatorre (Tecnalia) will focus on the ICP4LIFE project.
  • Martin Kasperczyk’s (Fraunhofer IPA) presentation will include the SELSUS project.

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