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I4MS: ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs



I4MS, ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs, is a European initiative supporting manufacturing SMEs and mid-caps in the widespread use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in their business operations. Under I4MS, SMEs can apply for technological and financial support to conduct experiments allowing them to test digital innovations in their business via open calls.  

  • Phase 1 – launched in July 2013 focusing on creating Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) and establishing a core I4MS community/ecosystem.
  • Phase 2 – launched in Fall 2015, with the aim of further growth of the core I4MS community/ecosystem.
  • Phase 3 – launched in September 2017 and aimed at reinforcing the I4MS ecosystem. During this phase, European SMEs and mid-caps were exposed to new approaches and methodologies on business models, access to financing, and training opportunities to re-skill staff. A total funding of €34 million was available under Phase 3.

I4MS Innovation Actions have already provided technical support and cascade funding for the implementation of over 490 Application Experiments, 280 implemented in Phase 1 & 2 [Source: I4MS Phase 2 Brochure, Sept.17] and 112 for Phase 3 [Source: I4MS Phase 3 Brochure, Sept.2019] and it is expected this number will reach an approximate of 700 by the end of Phase 4.


Now under Phase 4 – launched in June 2020, I4MS focuses on helping service suppliers (IAs, DIHs and CCs) to provide a business-oriented description of the technological services they offer, complemented with Best Practices identification. A total funding of €35 million is available under Phase 4.  

Innovation Actions (IAs) will cover several crucial technological areas that aim to accelerate the digital transformation process in the European manufacturing ecosystem. Find more information below:

I4MS | Open Calls  | Online Community 

Phase 3 IA:

Phase 4 IA:

The I4MS project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 951848