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Webinar – Cybersecurity, essential on your path toward the digital factory

Webinar – Cybersecurity, essential on your path toward the digital factory



25 May 2022 – 9 am until 12 pm
The manufacturing industry was the favoured target for cyberattacks in 2021, with a substantial share of these involving ransomware. This alarming trend continued into 2022. The boom in digital production platforms, therefore, makes it essential manufacturing companies are well informed when starting out on the path towards a cyber secure digital factory.

During this interactive online workshop, our aim is to arm participants with insights into the trends and challenges we observe among companies when it comes to cybersecurity. There are various research initiatives and supporting companies for smaller or larger manufacturing companies, helping you secure your digital communication and information.

This workshop (in Dutch) is being held within the scope of the European Connected Factories project, in which Sirris is also involved.


09:00  Welcome and introduction Connected Factories 2, Filiep Vincent – Sirris and Chris Decubber – EFFRA

09:30  Keynote speeches

5 steps to secure connected manufacturing (Sirris, Tatiana Galibus)

Securing an ICS-network, lessons learned from a ‘cyber-attack’ (Picanol, Bart Lagast)

10:40  Break

10:50  Interactive session:

How much do you have to invest in cybersecurity? (Patrick Coomans, Agoria)

11:50  Wrap-up and next steps, Sirris and Agoria

11:55  End
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