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Artificial Intelligence and manufacturing – share your experience – guidance

You are invited to share your experiences and corresponding cases of artificial intelligence in manufacturing.

If your project or result/demonstrator is already described on the EFFRA Innovation Portal (and you have editing permission on it), then please log in to the EFFRA Innovation Portal and click this link.

You will then see a screen like this, displaying the projects and results/demonstrators for which you have editing permissions on the EFFRA Innovation Portal:

When clicking the ‘Edit button’ you are directed to a form like the one below, offering you a structured set of attributes (from the Structured Wiki).  The rating bars indicate the relevance of the attributes, but more importantly, please add comments.

Note: when browsing through the Structured Wiki on the EFFRA Innovation Portal, you can also reach similar pages as the ones displayed above by clicking the ‘Associate your portal content to this item’ button:

If you wish to add a project and/or associated results and demonstrators on the EFFRA Innovation Portal, then please contact chris.decubber@effra.eu

More information on the EFFRA Innovation Portal can be found here: https://www.effra.eu/effra-innovation-portal.