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PARAGON is a research, technology and development SME established in 1995. Based upon its broad range of expertise, know-how, and applications, PARAGON is active in research, development, and commercial services addressing advanced applications and solutions for the transport, ICT, security, energy, process and manufacturing industries.


PARAGON RTD activities range from in-house development initiatives, provision of R&T solutions, guidance, and participation to RTD consortia participation as an SME research partner. PARAGON has participated to approx. 30 research initiatives (from FP4 - FP7) in areas including aeronautics & surface transport, ICT, factories of the future, energy & environment and security.


PARAGON is also member in the ETP EPoSS - Smart Systems Integration and A.SPIRE. PARAGON Commercial activities comprise of a range of services, including engineering and measurements applications and support, technology and applications development, and commercial representation of major Industrial and scientific instrumentation manufacturers from the E.U. and the U.S.A. to markets in Greece and south-east Europe.