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The Manufacturing Partnership Day 2024 – Presentations are available

The Manufacturing Partnership Day 2024 – Presentations are available



Building on the resounding success of the first edition, EFFRA organised The Manufacturing Partnership Day in Brussels on May 7th and 8th. The event brought together the manufacturing research and innovation community once again for two days of insightful presentations, engaging discussions, and fruitful networking.

The event showcased 37 Made in Europe and Factories of the Future projects, which presented their results and goals over two days. Additionally, there was an exhibition area where the projects could interact with visitors and engage in detailed discussions about their work.

You can find more information and all the presentations in PDF format on the event website.

Please find below an overview of the projects presented at the event:

DT-FOF-11-2020 Quality control in smart manufacturing (IA)

  • OPTIMAI: Optimizing Manufacturing Processes through Artificial Intelligence and Virtualization

HORIZON-CL4-2021-TT-01-02: Zero-defect manufacturing towards zero-waste (IA)

  • FLASH-COMP: Flawless and sustainable production of composite parts through a human-centred digital approach
  • OPENZDM: Open Platform for Realising Zero Defects in Cyber-Physical Manufacturing
  • Platform-ZERO: Customizable AI-based in-line process monitoring platform for achieving zero-defect manufacturing in the PV industry
  •  ZDZW: Non-Destructive Inspection Services for Digitally Enhanced Zero Waste Manufacturing
  • ENGINE: Zero-defect manufacturing for green transition in Europe

HORIZON-CL4-2021-TT-01-03: Laser-based technologies for green manufacturing (RIA)

  • OPeraTIC: Boosting the adoption of Ultrashort Pulsed Laser large-scale structuring with an agile, dexterous and efficient manufacturing platform

DT-ICT-03-2020 Uptake of digital game changers – I4MS (phase 4)

  • Better Factory: Grow your manufacturing business
  • Change2Twin: Create and Harvest Offerings to support Manufacturing SMEs to become Digital Twin Champions
  • PULSATE: Fostering the PAN-European infrastructure for empowering SMEs digital competencies in laser-based advance and additive manufacturing

HORIZON-CL4-2022-TT-01-06: ICT Innovation for Manufacturing Sustainability in SMEs (I4MS2) (IA)

  • AI REDGIO 5.0: Regions and (E)DIHs alliance for AI-at-the-Edge adoption by European Industry 5.0 Manufacturing SMEs
  • AIRISE: Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing for Sustainable Applications at SMEs
  • WASABI: White-label shop for digital intelligent assistance and human-AI collaboration in manufacturing

HORIZON-CL4-2023-TT-01-02: High-precision OR complex product manufacturing –potentially including the use of photonics (IA)

  • GlobalAM: Enabling Laser Powder Bed Fusion for Large Scale Production of Multi-Material Components
  • BioStruct: Manufacturing process for bio-based fibre-reinforced composite parts for structural applications

HORIZON-CL4-2021-TT-01-08: Data-driven Distributed Industrial Environments (IA)

  • 5G-TIMBER: Secure 5G-Enabled Twin Transition for Europe’s TIMBER Industry Sector
  • Zero-SWARM: Zero-enabling Smart Networked Control Framework For Agile Cyber Physical Production Systems Of Systems

HORIZON-CL4-2021-TT-01-01: AI enhanced robotics system for smart manufacturing (IA)

  • COGNIMAN: COGNItive Industries for smart MANufacturing
  • CONVERGING: Social industrial collaborative environments integrating AI, Big Data and Robotics for smart manufacturing
  • Fluently: the essence of human-robot interaction

HORIZON-CL4-2021-TT-01-07: Artificial Intelligence for sustainable, agile manufacturing (IA)

  • AIDEAS: AI Driven industrial Equipment product life cycle boosting Agility, Sustainability and resilience
  • Circular TwAIn: AI Platform for Integrated Sustainable and Circular Manufacturing
  • s-X-AIPI: self-X Artificial Intelligence for European Process Industry digital transformation

HORIZON-CL4-2022-TT-01-04: Intelligent work piece handling in a full production line (RIA)

  • MASTERLY: Nimble Artificial Intelligence driven robotic solutions for efficient and self-determined handling and assembly operations

DT-FOF-10-2020 Pilot lines for large-part high-precision manufacturing (IA 50%)

  • PENELOPE: Closed-loop digital pipeline for a flexible and modular manufacturing of large components

HORIZON-CL4-2022-TT-01-02: Products with complex functional surfaces (RIA)

  • BILASURF: Bio-inspired laser functionalization of complex 3D industrial surfaces
  • FABulous: FABrication of 3D metasurfaces to enable the next generation of high-efficiency optical products
  • SURE2COAT: Sustainable Surface Treatments Of Complex Shape Components For Transsectorial Industrial Innovation

HORIZON-CL4-2022-TT-01-01: Rapid reconfigurable production process chains (IA)

  • R3GROUP: Resilient Rapid ReconfiGurable pROdUction Process chains

HORIZON-CL4-2022-TT-01-07: Digital tools to support the engineering of a Circular Economy (RIA)

  • ALICIA: Assembly Lines In CIrculAtion – smart digital tools for the sustainable, human-centric and resilient use of production resources
  • AUTO-TWIN: Data-driven method based on a process mining approach for Automated Digital Twin generation, operations, and maintenance in circular value chains
  • DaCapo: Digital assets and tools for Circular value chains and manufacturing products
  • DiCiM: Digitalised Value Management for Unlocking the potential of the Circular Manufacturing Systems with integrated digital solutions
  • CIRC-UITS: Circular Integration of independent Reverse supply Chains for the smart reUse of IndusTrially relevant Semiconductors

HORIZON-CL4-2023-TT-01-04: Factory-level and value chain approaches for remanufacturing


Other Projects / beyond Made in Europe:

  • STAND4EU: Boosting the Exploitation of Standardisation Inputs from European Projects)