GO0DMAN Publishes Zero-Defect Management Strategies & Rules

The GO0DMAN project published a key document on zero-defect management (ZDM) strategies and rules.

This project work is the result of a task aimed at delivering an implemented solution of GO0DMAN’s ZDM methodology through the proper integration of all its key modules, allowing the correct flow of information through the different layers that constitute the GO0DMAN overall solution. To this extent, a service-based rule server was developed permitting the communication between the more complex, higher-level functionalities (KM and data analytics) and the multi-agent based CPS. To do so, it was necessary to translate the decision rules resulting from the application of complex data analysis algorithms and the domain expert interaction by the KM, into simple, straightforward rules compliant with the common data format adopted by the CPS.

These rules can then be used by the CPS to adequately monitor and control the system’s quality parameters in runtime. This can be done for instance by modelling when to call or trigger maintenance actions, when to adapt production parameters as well as which parameters to tune, or even when to ask for new configurations for a given station.

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