Five FoF Projects Join Forces to Put Workers at the Centre of Future Manufacturing

Five Factories of the Future projects (A4BLUE, Factory2Fit, HUMAN, INCLUSIVE, and MANUWORK) have joined forces to from a cluster focusing on worker-centred manufacturing. The cluster will be a forum for sharing projects’ knowledge, progress, and results as they emerge.

According to the participating projects, the solutions which they are developing will bring a wide range of benefits for workers, employers, and wider industry in Europe, including:

  • Increased adaptability to provide workers with personalised tasks,
  • Improved quality of products and increased productivity,
  • Increased worker satisfaction,
  • Stronger global position of industry in Europe through higher social acceptance levels.

By combining their efforts, the projects hope to achieve greater impact and wider adoption of these new developments in advanced manufacturing systems. In the coming months, the cluster will be setting up a website to share news and updates.

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