ESSIAL: Electrical Steel Structuring, Insulating and Assembly by Means of Laser Technologies

ESSIAL’s ambition is to use laser surface texturizing (laser scribing, irradiation, texturizing etc) on soft ferromagnetic materials, such as usual electrical steels and special alloys, to improve the performance and functionalities of laminated magnetic circuits. 

These soft magnetic circuits, made from stack of steel sheets separated by an insulating layer, are becoming crucial in almost all industrial sectors, as they are key elements of industrial electrical machines (such as transformers, sensors, actuators, motors, and generators. Experts estimate that the market growth rate of soft magnetic materials will increase by 7.8% annually in the coming years!

The ESSIAL consortium is composed of research centres and companies that cover the whole value chain of soft magnetic materials, will develop innovative laser-based manufacturing processes to improve materials’ functionalities. Several prototypes will be produced to confirm the advantages of the ESSIAL solutions before possible mass production.

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