STREAM-0D project enters the last six months of activity

STREAM-0D project goal is to develop a process that improves real-time industrial production thanks to predictive models. The project is funded by the European Commission within the Horizon 2020 framework program and involves a group of partners coordinated by the Instituto Tecnologico de Aragon (ITAINNOVA). The consortium is made of three research institutes and universities, four SMEs and three end-user companies coming from seven different European countries.

The simulation models developed within the STREAM-0D solution can forecast the quality of products depending on several parameters (such as dimensions and materials) accounting for variations in supply of the components. The models leverage actual data from real-time measurements to predict the quality of future products, allowing control of the production line in real-time, by adjusting to design specifications or changing them to produce custom batches.

While STREAM-0D has focused so far on the automotive industry, the processes and technology developed could be applied to any manufacturing environment.

The project recently entered the last six months of activity. Following the last consortium meeting, that was held in Gliwice, Poland, at the beginning of October 2019, it is time to assess the progresses so far achieved.


Project progress assessment by ITAINNOVA


The following infographics depict STREAM-0D’s process + the technologies involved and the role of each partner involved in the project.


Infographic 1 (process+technologies) | Infographic 2 (Project partners)


STREAM-0D website