EFFRA and EIT Manufacturing signed the Cooperation Agreement!

EFFRA & EIT Manufacturing have signed the Cooperation Agreement on the 27th of October!

The distinct and yet complementary goals of the initiatives are expected to bring a multiplication effect for manufacturing in Europe. The cooperation is intended to make the support available to industry stakeholders more effective, extending it across the entire project cycle and beyond.

This Cooperation Agreement points to an important milestone, further to which stakeholders of the initiatives from two different pillars, Made in Europe (Pillar 2) and EIT Manufacturing (Pillar 3) aim to create a huge potential for accelerating the market exploitation of research and innovation activities and maximising their economic and societal impact.

One of the first results of this cooperation is already visible in the form of the joint INNOVATE TOGETHER call. This Open Call is focusing on innovation activities aiming to support tested and demonstrated exploitable results coming out from Factories of the Future projects (and in the future of Made in Europe projects) to accelerate their market deployment. The activities will start on the 1st of January 2022.

Željko Pazin, Executive Director of The European Factories of the Future Research Association (EFFRA) says:

“Europe’s manufacturing industries should reinforce its global position in terms of competitiveness, productivity, and technology leadership. The goal is to increase the number of attractive jobs, while at the same time securing the environmental, economic and social sustainability for future generations in Europe. Joining forces with EIT Manufacturing will enhance the achievement of the ambitious goals. Together we will “create”, “develop” and “drive” the Twin-transition of European Manufacturing.”

Joaquim Menezes Chairman of The European Factories of the Future Research Association (EFFRA) says:

"As manufacturing is at the core of the European economy, it will be a key driver of the twin transitions. Joining forces, EFFRA and EITM will pave the way towards a more competitive, sustainable, and digitalised industry. The collaboration between EFFRA and EITM will upscale the research and innovation process, advancing the global leadership of Europe’s manufacturing community “ 

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