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JAMK University of Applied Sciences

CAMS - Center for Applied Material Sciences is a unique research co-operation base located in Middle Finland in the city of Jyväskylä. The home of CAMS is JAMK University of Applied sciences where the target of this activity is to create an environment for applied research, where results of high technology research can be transferred via JAMK to the industry and further improving the economy of Finland and the EU. This center created around the university environment is dedicated to the three areas of applied sciences: 1) Gear Academy for specialised mechanical engineering, 2) Additive manufacturing and 3) Thin-film surface technology. These three areas are connected with each other so that CAMS offers a new and fast try-out culture for rapid technology transfer from the university laboratory to industry. Along with the next-generation gear academy testing possibilities, both new 3D metal printing and 4D printing possibilities are combined with the latest ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) thin-film technology. The combination of these possibilities ensures the thigh technology level of international R&D activities and further expands the competences and new business to be offered and utilized by the high-end technology industry.