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Guide to the EFFRA Innovation Portal


This guide to how to use the EFFRA Innovation Portal is intended for project coordinators and project participants.



From the start of the Factories of the Future PPP (FoF PPP), EFFRA deployed the ‘EFFRA Innovation Portal’ in cooperation with the European Commission. The initial value of the Innovation Portal was to have one entry point with the essential information about all the FoF projects (with project  results and demonstrators) including the organisations that where participating, the related call topics, start date, end date, funding etc.  

The portal became quickly an essential tool for collecting input from the projects in order to compile the yearly FoF PPP progress monitoring report. In May 2017, a new version of the portal was deployed.




Update the Information of Your Project (in particular the results and demonstrators)


(Screenshot from the Fortissimo project page; Edit buttons are only visible to portal users with editing permission on the project. See the section below about granting permissions)


Completing the description of your project and its project results on the EFFRA Innovation Portal includes the following steps:

  • Describe the general features and overall status of your project
    • Update the project summary whenever appropriate.
    • Make sure that the project web site is indicated. You can also include links to web resources in the text fields.
    • Make sure that the project logo is uploaded (please indicate this picture as the 'main' picture). Uploading a picture for illustrative purposes is also recommended.
  • Describe (expected) results and demonstrators of the projects
    • You can edit and add descriptions of project results and project demonstrators. Be aware that any item can be indicated both as a result and a demonstrator at the same time or either as a result or a demonstrator.
    • Please associate contact persons to the project results and demonstrators. These contact persons need to be registered in the portal (see below).
    • Uploading a picture for illustrative purposes is also recommended.
    • If you wish that the demonstrator appears on the map (search page of results and demonstrators), then please specify the address of the demonstrator.
    • For each result and demonstrator, describe the application areas as specifically as possible. The proposed options are taken from the NACE-code structure.
    • For each demonstrator or result, you are asked to indicate the demonstration readiness level (a scale very similar to the TRL level).


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Progress Monitoring (the KPI list as an additional part of the contribution to the yearly FoF progress report)


Every year EFFRA has the responsibility to contribute to the FoF PPP progress report. This report is established in cooperation with the European Commission and is compiled based on a template which the European Commission sends to every Public-Private Partnership. A particular feature of the report is an annex with key-performance indicators (KPIs). In addition to collecting information on exploitable results and demonstrators, EFFRA also collects the data associated to these KPIs via the EFFRA Innovation Portal.


When updating your project's profile, please fill out or edit the KPI list by clicking the 'Add / edit' button next to the list (see picture below and screenshot of edit form further below).


These KPIs are an essential element of the yearly progress report that has to be delivered to the European Commission.

Screenshot of KPI form(from the previous version of the portal ; accessible only for users with edit permissions for the respective project, while the reported values are only visible to project participants on the project's main page)


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How to Access (and receive or grant permissions to edit your project and project results)


When a user is associated to a project, this user can view all information of the project, also the not yet published results or demonstrators.

Once associated to a project, the coordinator or anybody else with editing rights for that project can provide other project participants with editing rights.


Associating users to a project


You can register in the portal and you can ask the project coordinator (or the EFFRA office) to add your personal account to the project participants (with or without editing permission - see the screenshots below). (More than one account from the same organisation can be associated to the project)






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Public Information


All information that is included on the Innovation Portal should be considered as public information. This is comparable to the information that is made available to the European Commission through public reports or deliverables.






For any question about the Innovation Portal, you can contact


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