Pathways to Energy Efficient Manufacturing workshop at Sustainable Places 2021

On the 28th of September, the DENiM team will lead a virtual cross-project collaboration involving four H2020 projects funded under the FoF-09-2020 programme (DENiM, EnerMan, Ecofact & ECO2MATION) as part of the sustainable places conference taking place between 28th Sept-Oct 1st in Rome (Physical & Virtually)

The virtual workshop will take place on the 28th Sept 15:30 CET, please attend to join the community and share your views and experience through interactive sessions to help industry define clear pathways to achieve energy-efficient manufacturing. 

The workshop is free but registration is required, here is the invitation link, this will require you to create a profile on the conference platform (how to article here) 


  • Introduction
  • Project Overview & Challenge Perspective
    • DENiM
  • Interactive/Virtual White Boarding session
    • Review/capture synergies across projects (Miro activity)
    • Round table discussion on barriers, challenges and opportunities covering (Miro activity)
    • Pathway Setting: Rank opportunities/next steps as to where industry needs to go to continue to address the energy efficiency (Miro activity)