6 February: EU Industry Days Workshop - Competitive European Eco-system for R&D, Innovation & Digitalization

As part of the EU Industry Days 2019, on 6 February, EFFRA and Produktion 2030 will co-host an expert workshop on the future of the EU support for industry and research activities under the title: "A Competitive European Eco-system for R&D, Innovation & Digitalization".

The workshop will focus on the success of the public-private partnership model and will explore how this approach can contribute to Europe’s progressive and agile R, D and I eco-system. A panel of experts will share the experiences, discuss lessons learned, and will discuss potential role of partnerships (i.e. Factories of the Future in Horizon Europe) with workshop participants.

This workshop will aim to answer the following questions:

  • How can the current model for contractual PPPs be developed to make Europe the most attractive region for industry and talent to invest in?
  • What instruments, tools/ and/or funding schemes does EU and its Member States need to create in order to make this happen?
  • What additional support from stakeholders and policymakers are necessary in order to ensure future relevance and impact of contractual PPPs in the next FP9 Horizon Europe - and contribute to the aims of a new European industry strategy?

Time & Location: 12:00 CET in the Riverside Room (The Egg, Brussels).

Workshop Programme | Live-Stream (Available from 12:00 CET)