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ConnectedFactories project information sharing and analysis


The EFFRA Innovation Portal supports the initial public sharing of information among projects and interested stakeholders.   Project coordinators, dissemination and exploitation managers are invited to describe their project according to the digital mapping framework, in particular in view of the series of workshops (see national and regional workshops) and events (such as the event on 5-6 February 2018).


Please see this presentation with the basic information and illustrations on how this works.  Should you have questions about this process and its objectives, then please don't hesitate to get back to us.


On the project pages within the EFFRA Innovation Portal, new sections have been introduced that are focussed on digitisation of manufacturing and/or the deployment of digital platforms for manufacturing.      To stimulate the sharing of public information among projects, initiatives and stakeholders in this field, two sections have been included on the EFFRA Innovation Portal on project level and on result/demonstrator level:

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The digital mapping framework

The focus of the digital mapping framework is to identify characteristics of the projects in the context of digitisation (such as added value services, business model aspect, technical building blocks, interoperability aspect, security, etc…). More information


The digitisation personas

The focus of the digitisation personas is to provide a few basic applications scenarios focussing for instance on value chain connectivity or factory automation.  in which the project can be situated as elements of a pathway to digitisation.    These personas and associated pathways should then provide guidance about digitisation in manufacturing and the role of digital platforms in manufacturing.  More information