HuMan Project Tests Exoskeletons

For the first time, the Factories of the Future project HuMan has started the testing of one of its main research activities lines, the exoskeletons, developed and utilized to enhance the physical and operational capabilities of the workers. These wearable devices eventually will be equipped with sensors in order to achieve one of the project’s main objectives: integrating human workers with their workplace and tasks.

Two prototypes were tested. The first was an active exoskeleton used as a test-bench for providing lower back assistance when picking boxes with the final aim of reducing the usual back pain workers have to face during these tasks. The other one being tested was a passive upper limb exoskeleton which provides assistance for shoulder related tasks as arm-involved activities where workers have to maintain the arms in an elevated position for long times.

The overall goal of HuMan is to increase the well-being of workers, preventing and avoiding possible injuries, thus resulting in a positive effect in the productivity and workplace well-being.

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