FUTURING Holds Expert Workshop

The FUTURING held an experts workshop on 10 October. The theme of the workshop was “FUTURING–Implementation of Circular Economy in Europe and developing a Vision for the European Industry” and brought together stakeholders and experts from the technology and policy fields.

During the workshop, experts discussed the following topics:

  • Enablers and barriers regarding the implementation of circular economy in Europe,
  • Strategies for large-scale industrial investments in Europe within the framework of a circular economy,
  • Best practice cases and a methodological framework for studying and ranking relevant cases
  • Priorities for achieving EU re-industrialization.

The topics  were  discussed  from  a social, economic, environmental  sustainability  and  regulatory framework and policy incentivisation aspects related to the circular economy. Discussions in the workshop provided valuable insight and contributions for the FUTURING project's ongoing activities.

FUTURING is a strategic project which is examining European re-industrialisation in the context of the circular economy.