Roadmap 2010-2013

In preparation for the launch of the ‘Factories of the Future’ public-private partnership under FP7, EFFRA prepared a roadmap identifying the four research priorities for the programme:

 - Sustainable Manufacturing: Energy-efficient manufacturing with minimal environmental impact.

 - ICT-Enabled Intelligent Manufacturing: Improved efficiency, adaptability and sustainability incorporated into flexible business models and agile manufacturing processes.

 - High-Performance Manufacturing: Additive production equipment, high-precision manufacturing with near-to-zero defects.

 - Exploiting New Materials Through Manufacturing: Safe, cost-effective and affordable technology and production equipment for processing new materials.

EFFRA’s Industrial Research Advisory Group (IRAG) defined these priorities after careful consultation and deliberations with stakeholders from across the private sector in Europe. These stakeholders represented the main enabling technology providers of Europe’s manufacturing industry, along with stakeholders from research institutes and universities as well as the users and producers of production technologies.

151 ‘Factories of the Future’ projects have been launched as a result of this roadmap.

Strategic Multi-Annual Roadmap (FP7) | EFFRA Research Priorities Summary (FP7)