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Aerospace Valley

Aerospace Valley is a non-profit association which exists to increase the competitiveness of the Midi-Pyrenees and Aquitaine regions of France in the aeronautics, space and embedded systems sectors at national, European and international level.

The guiding purpose of Aerospace Valley is to leverage the competitiveness and visibility of its 682 members in terms of research, innovation and know-how by supporting the growth of SMEs and fostering cooperation between SMEs, industry leaders, innovators and research associations.

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ASTER is the consortium established by the Emilia-Romagna regional administration and by the universities and research centres location in the region who are collaborating in industrial research.

Established in 1985, the ASTEE consortium focuses on industrial research, technology transfer and innovation with the aims of promoting technological innovation in industry and of creating a link between researchers and enterprises.

Since 2005, ASTER activity is dedicated to the development and management of the Emilia-Romagna High Technology Network which consists of a network of 88 qualified industrial research laboratories and innovation and technology transfer networks.
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CIC marGUNE, Cooperative Research Centre in High Performance Manufacturing, is a non profit association founded the in 2002 to develop, by means of cooperation, research which will contribute to an increase in Basque industry competitiveness.

CRC marGUNE has the capacity to combine research outcomes that have a more scientific basis (typical of universities) with focuses that are closer to industrial reality (characteristic of Technological Centres).

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Cluster AT+R


Cluster AT+R is the Slovakian automation and robotics cluster. It works closely with the automotive, consumer electronics, control technology and automation sectors. It is composed of ten industrial and regional members.

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Confindustria Bergamo

Confindustria Bergamo is an industrial association with approximately 1,500 members. Advanced manufacturing is one of Confindustria Bergamo’s principle areas of expertise.

The association promotes European research through its network and has participated in European projects, both as a coordinator and project partner.

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Czech Technology Platform

Czech Technology Platform (CTPS) supports the  activities and initiatives of organizations active in the development of engineering industry in the Czech Republic and related scientific, research, technology and innovation activities.

The technology platform is a cooperation group comprising of the key players in the sector, membership is composed of organisations of the following types:

- Industrial enterprises

- Trade associations and unions

- Research and financial institutions

- National public authorities

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Emilia-Romagna Advanced Mechanics and Industrial Automation Technology (ER-AMIAT) is a non-profit association operating on an international level to promote knowledge sharing and technological competence development.

E.R. AMIAT promotes the advancement of new applications developed within the field of scientific and technological research in Europe and beyond. The association has a particular focus on the manufacturers of equipment, machinery and systems used in the industrial automation of production and packaging processes, and other companies in the production chain that provide materials and services (design, simulation and logistics etc.), as well as sensors, mechanical, electronic and pneumatic components.

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ERPC (European Research Programme Consulting) is a cluster of European transport industries and researchers who share a common interest in developing and conducting joint research and development projects on a European Union level and inter-sectoral in character.

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European Federation for Welding, Joining & Cutting


The European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting (EWF) is an international non-profit association established by welding institutes from several European countries.

EWF acts as the representative of the welding and joining community in Europe. It prepares harmonised rules for the education and training of personnel involved in welding, joining and related technologies. The Federation liaises with standardisation bodies and provides for exchanges of scientific and technical information. EWF also encourage projects in co-operative research and contributions to the removal of technical barriers.

The Federation facilitates technology transfer through the EWF Network. EWF has been involved in several European projects as a disseminator of results through its members and through them to a large number of industrial contacts.

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The Galician Enterprise University Foundation (FEUGA) is a non-profit foundation dedicated to fostering innovation and technology-transfer in north-west Spain. FEUGA is founded on three universities with two (Vigo and Coruna) heavily involved in industrial engineering development.

FEUGA performs the management of student grants, R&D cooperation between enterprise and R&D groups and a continuous training in business, entrepreneurship and market outreach.

FUEGA’s partners include PSA Peugeot-Citroen, CEAGA Automotive, INESC Porto and Genesal.

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The Manufacturing Academy of Denmark (MADE) is an independent association that aims to facilitate the development of innovative world-class manufacturing solutions in Danish industry, enabling Denmark to compete globally and create employment within Denmark. MADE consists of more than 60 large and small manufacturing companies, five universities, two technological service institutes and is supported by private foundations and associations.


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MANUFUTURE-CH has around 30 members and aims to support researchers and SMEs in Switzerland with R&D and manufacturing issues.

The functions of the association are to strengthen the workplace Switzerland, to provide a national network, to support Swiss companies, to facilitate good public-funded projects and to organise events on manufacturing topics.

The Swiss mechanical engineering, electric equipment and metalworking industries provide 300,000 jobs in the economy and MANUFUTURE-CH is supported by the Swiss federal government.

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