22 February: EFFRA Workshop at EU Industry Day 2018

On 22 February EFFRA will host a workshop (from 11:00 to 13:00) on “Success Stories: How Companies Implement Industry 4.0 Technologies” as part of the European Union’s major Industry Day conference (22 & 23 February).

Our workshop aims at de-mystifying the concepts around “industry 4.0”. We will explore the challenges facing companies today as well as demonstrate success stories of companies who have effectively implemented industry 4.0 technologies.

During this EFFRA workshop speakers will discuss:

  • Manufacturing in Europe today.
  • Examples of challenges facing small, medium and large companies.
  • Case studies (i.e. success stories – including Factories of the Future projects).
  • How national/regional and European initiatives can support companies to overcome challenges.

Our workshop speakers will be experts from different manufacturing and research sectors who understand the needs of European manufacturing enterprises and have participated in EU-supported research and innovation from which they will provide examples of success stories.

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Registration: To register, follow the link below and select the EFFRA workshop (11:30 CET on 22 February). The venue will be announced shortly.

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